1) It is said that although Imam Mahdi(pbuh) is in occultation he still saves us from troubles. Is this true? If yes , then how exactly as we can see his lovers are in poor state and dying while his enemies are shining stronger.

2) Do we have any signs for Imam that his presence is making calamities stay away from us especially in this time where we can see that those who love him and have expectations from him for his help are suffering and are helpless and those who walk away from him are in better place?
What are the signs of Imam Mahdi's love for us that he also feels something when we are sad and alone and are suffering by the hands of the people of this world ?

1) Yes it is true. What may happen without his intercession is much worse than what we have today. He is like sun behind the cloud. We don’t see his impact but he definitely has much role

2) These are found in reliable narrations. We don’t need signs as such. The belief is key