1) I’ve been getting such bad anxiety about reading many hadiths that mention doing a sin that will assure you a place in hell. Why are these hadiths so clear that hell is promised if Allah forgives sins? A lot do not mention that repentance is possible as well which confuses me.

2) How do you repent for lying about someone? I know I used to do it a lot and forget much of what I said which I have no way of going back and falsifying my claims. Is telling the people you lied to a condition for repentance for slander?

1) These hadiths are telling us: doing these sins makes us deserve Hell. However, if we repent Allah forgives. If we do good deeds, the good deeds erase the sins. That’s like when the law says: if you commit this crime, you go 10 years to jail. But the judge can reduce that or forgive base on different circumstances. So these hadiths say it that way to deter us from sinning. But there is no doubt if we repent Allah forgives completely.

2) If you don’t have a way to clear up those lies now, ask Allah sincerely to forgive you and He forgives