1) Khums : Sehme Sadaat – which should be given to Sayyid only.
So I gave some amount of my Khums Sehme Sadaat to a person which I thought was Sayyid but later found out that he was not Sayyid. So what to do in this case ? Do I need to repay that amount of Khums to a Sayyid again ?

2) What are the conditions and rulings regarding Sadaqat ?

3) Normal Sadaqat and Sadaqah which we take out for our safety – give to anyone or specific people and cause ?

4) Sadaqah for the The Safety Of Imam az-Zaman (aj) ( daily Salamti Sadaqah ) – give to anyone or specific people and cause ?

5) Are there some Wajib Sadaqat ? If yes what are these and what are it’s rules and whom to give ?

6) Also are some sadaqat haram for Sayyids and should not be given to them ? If yes which ones and then whom to give ?

1- Yes, except if this person was really needy person. In this case we give you the permission to consider what you gave him part of sahm Imam, and you need to compensate for sahm sadat.

2- They have to be needy. ie, they do not have there annual needs actual in hand, or by by monthly earnings.

3- Yes, but not to Sadat.

4- yes, to any one