1) My menses have changed. After my period I experienced that some times I get blood spots brown colored- not menses looke alike, after this are ghusl hayd required? Or can I just make wudhu and pray?

2) Another question I have is, unfortunately I experience liquid coming out when I’m company with certain male figure(colleague), without any type of sexual act or any attraction. The nice feeling and safe feeling makes me body react I think, I’m not sure because I never experienced this before. Does this make me body nijas? Does it require ghusl if yes which one? And also how can I stop my body to react like this, I feel uncomfortable thinking this happens to me.

If the total number of days including the spots doesn’t exceed 10 days, then they are considered part of the period.
1- If the total exceeded 10 days, then the days after your period are istehadha.
2- If the quantity of fluids is big, and gets your underwear wet, then you are in janabah, and need to perform ghusl janabah.
Beside this, you have to ban any relationship with any male, as what you are doing is haram, and big sin.