1) My question is about attending the Hawzah. I would just like to attend Hawzah for my own personal knowledge, I don't really want to become a full time scholar, so is there anyway I take proper Islamic level education, with my professional career to be?

2) For example I go to Qom, for like 4 years, does that mean I cannot have a normal professional career anymore? As a 4 year gap is quite significant. Also, does the degree you earn in the Hawza hold any weight to add onto your professional career? As I do not want to become a full on Alim

1) There are numerous Hawza programs that you can take alongside your career. You have the Islamic College in London, in addition to other seminaries. You can also take advantage of online Hawzas and go by your own pace.

We started the Al-Hujjah Islamic Seminary several years ago. It’s fully online and students can go by their own pace. If you want more information about it you may visit:

2) Yes, some universities accept the Hawza degree if it’s approved by the Ministry of Education in Iran.

If having a 4 year gap basically means the end of your career, then I recommend going for a year or two, then coming back to work on your career, then going again. Or do 2 years of online, then 2 years in person there.