1) My question is regarding difference in methology of prayer by a male and a female regarding which I came across a little difference in opinion on research.
What are the main differences between the manner of praying Salah for a male and a female, if there are any. (Specifically regarding the elbows touching the ground during sujood.)

2) Is it permissible to read Surahs from a book or phone screen for an obligatory prayer?
I recently read the importance of reciting Surah Al-Fajr in Salah and I have Alhamdolillah almost memorized it but still fear missing a few words here there.
Would appreciate your clarification on this.

The differences between male and female salah is not on wajib matters but recommended issues, so if the male for example does it the female way it’s not haram

Yes you can use a phone or book to read surah in wajib salah, but be sure not to be distracted with anything else during salah