1) My son is going to turn 2 in sha Allah. I have been trying to stop his breast feeding gradually. it’s been 1 month already. People suggest me to apply bandaid or turmeric on my breasts but I had read in the book (from marriage till parenthood) that this shouldn’t be practiced. Is it permissible to do so?

2) I’m feeding my son twice now. One in afternoon and once at night but then he demands during night time in his sleep. Last 2 Ramadan I couldn’t fast. Can I keep my fasts this year? And if I don’t feel well (as I have low blood pressure problem) can I skip? Do I have to remove kaffara and do qadha fasts as well for the fasts that missed during pregnancy and feeding?

1) It is not recommended to use harsh measures to make the child stop feeding such as applying medicines on the breast.

Breastfeeding a child past two years is makrooh (not haram). My humble suggestion would be to start with tawassul with the Ahlulbayt (as) for help. Secondly you can consult your doctor or lactation consultant on ways to stop.

2) If you feel fasting is affecting your health then yes you can skip. Otherwise missing a fast without a genuine reason is not permissible

As for fast missed during breastfeeding, you have to pay the fidya for every missed fast (750 grams of food to a poor person) + qadha and if you did not pay the qadha before the next month of Ramadan then you have to pay kaffara e takhir which is 750 grams of food to a poor person for every missed fast.