1. Please explain what is the meaning of Ijtihaad in relation to mujtahid

2. The difference between mujtahid and marjaa and marja Taqleed

3. What does it mean when one says that
"choose a Mujtahid who is Mubri ahli Zimma "? and how do we know that the Mujtahid is Mubri ahli Zimma ?

4. What is a different between Allamah, Maulana, Shaykh , Maalim , Ayatollah, Hujatul Islam , Agha , Mirza, Mullah

5. What is istimbaat, nass, mukallaf

6. How do we know the most learned Mujtahid , if even the experts differ in identifying them

1. Ijtihad is the process of expending effort to derive Islamic laws from their sources (Quran and sunnah). This is what the mujtahid does

2. A marj’a is a mujtahid who people do taqleed of, not all mujtahids are marj’a

3. Can you please share where you get this term? In general, you must do taqleed of someone who you can be certain has properly derived the laws so that your obligations are fulfilled

4. Ayatollah and Hujjatul Islam are seminary terms for scholarly level whereas the others are titles for religious scholars used by laypeople

5. Instinbaat is the act of deriving the law from a source like Quran or Hadith (nass). Mukallaf is the person who is obligated to fulfill Allah’s commands

6. The experts do not differ. You must turn to the people who are familiar with the level of the scholars, there are the seminarians who can point them out