1. References of our Holy Imams (as) being dark skinned which includes book, page 1, narrators so on.

2. Name of the blessed mothers of our dark skinned Imams (as), along with their lineage, origin if a slave and other relevant details.

Thank you once again and also in advance!

1- Here’s one reference that Imam Jawad (a) was dark skinned:

وقال أحمد بن صالح ، كما في دلائل الإمامة/404: (دخلت عليه وهو جالس في وسط إيوان له يكون عشرة أذرع ، قال: فوقفت بباب الإيوان ، وقلت في نفسي: يا سبحان الله ، ما أشد سمرة مولاي ، وأضوأ جسده )

Book: Dala’el al-Imamah, page 404

2- For instance, the name of Imam al-Jawad’s mother is Sabika al-Nawbiyya. Many believe she is from a village in Egypt. Imam al-Redha later named her Khayzaran.