1) Regarding fasting can someone eat suhoor at 12 or 1 and wake up at salat layl? I tried that multiple times it did not work for me very well.

2) I keep messing my salat layl. It wouldn’t give me khusho

3) How can I connect with the Imam of our time

1. There is nothing wrong to have early Suhoor. However it’s better when you have it a bit late. It’s called Suhoor bcos of the timing. There is more baraka in that when you have it late.

2. Keep doing the salat Layl and eventually you will see the benefits insha Allah. It is powerful

3. Different ways of connecting with Imam Zaman:
1. Stay away from sins
2. Do your waajibat properly
3. Put up good behavior wherever you may be
4. Be sincere in whatever you do
5. Recitation of Dua Al-Hujjat and other related Duas