1) So what did happen to the wives of Imam Hussain? Here is form where I found it : 1) According to local popular legend a daughter of the last Sassanian King Yazdgerd III became a wife to Hussein ibn Ali, the 3rd Shia Imam. She was present at the Battle of Karbala and could escape after Ashura. Pursued by her enemies she reached up to Ray in Iran. On the slope of the mountain her enemies threatened to get hold of her. With the last of her strength she asked God to deliver her and the mountain miraculously opened and gave refuge to the princess. However, a tail of her dress remained wedged in the rock when it closed behind her. When her pursuers and other people found the cloth in the rock, they realised the miracle and acknowledged Sharbanu as a saint.

Very similar stories, however, are also told about other locations.


2) So can we pray and ask Hajjats from them? Or just from the main Imams of Ahlulbayt (s)

3) I asked a Maulana (from this very chatting site) and he to confirmed that Imam Hadi’s daughter’s name was Ai’sha. And when I searched it up, the same thing came up. So what’s the fuss? You know many Sunnis use this particularly example to defame Shia people for not naming their daughters Ai’sha, and that’s frustrating ! You know, I doubted myself when I first saw this circulating on the internet, that his daughters name was Ai’sha. I taught to myself that, He would have preferred Fatema more as it was her grand- mother’s name. Just like the 7th Imam who named her daughter Fatema-Masomeh (s). So what was his daughter’s actual name?

1) As for the first story about Imam Hussains wife i am unfamiliar with this.

2) There are others excluding the Imams who are known that the hajjat are sought by them such as Fatima Masooma, Umm al Baneen, Sayed Muhammad in Balad Iraq.

3) Aisha is just a name it doesn’t mean that she is named after that particular Aisha as we see that same thing with children of Imam Ali named Omar. As for the children of Imam Hadi (as) the following is quoted from Kitan al Irshad of Sheikh Mufid

“Abū al-Ḥasan (al-Hādī), peace be upon him, died in Rajab in the year 254 A.H. (868) in his house in Sāmarrā’. Among the children he left behind is Abū Muḥammad al-Ḥassan, his son who was the Imam after him, al-Ḥussein, Muḥammad, Ja‘far and his daughter, ‘Ā’isha. He resided in Sāmarrā’ for ten years and some months until his death. He died at the age of forty-one as we have mentioned before.”

4) Yes Yazid wife was a believer.