1) The 4 extra nafilah rak’at that we may pray before dhur on Friday if we aren’t attending jummah, I’ve read that those are prayed before noon. Does that mean before the time of noon or before dhur calls? And does each 2 rak’at for nafilah prayers need separate intentioncor can we make the intention for all 8 or 12 etc when we start?

2) Do nafilah prayers have to be in Arabic? I know the obligatory prayers must be in Arabic. Are we also allowed to say supplication during qunoot in English even during the obligatory prayers? I found a translation of Al-Sahif Al-Sajjadiyya by Imam Ali Zayn al-Abidin (a.s.) and was wondering if it was permissible to use the English translation for my qunoot and dua?

3) Also, is it permissible to hold my phone for qunoot if I cannot remember a supplication I want to say?

4) Is it permissible for us to say a Dua during qunoot that requires sajdah? Are we allowed to prostrate or do we not prostrate or do we not say a Dua that requires prostration?

1) Before noon time. You can make intention for all at once or for each one.

2) No. The Quranic verses must be recited in Arabic. The Dua can be done in English.

3) Yes it’s permissible to hold your phone.

4) No