1) What ahadees do we have about dajjal? I have read and heard that he is more of a system rather than a literal man and will continue to exist till zahoor. So are there ahadees like he will bring dead to life and very cruel as he would rip the guts out out bellies? Or are these all Israeliyat? Someone also quoted that dajjal will cure people from ailments.

2) Is it right to call every new technology and every wicked person as dajjal? New technologies also benefit in a lot of ways then how can we disregard them completely and call them as dajjal?

1) Most scholars believe he is an actual person, but it’s also possible that he establishes a system of deception before the reappearance of the Imam.

We have very little hadiths about the Dajjal in our Shia Hadith sources. Hence, we cannot verify those that make claims he will perform miracles. It’s possible that he uses deception to trick the people.

2) No it is not right to call every new technology as dajjal.

Dajjal is a person who leads a deceptive system. Anything that’s haram falls under the deceptive system. A lot of new technology has good usages.