1) What are the rights of a wife?

2) What can a woman do if her husband stops/refuses to give her nafaqah?

3) What can a woman do if her husband refuses to give her mahr?

4) How does Islam protect/enforce the rights of the wife when the husband refuses to give them and also refuses to give permission for divorce?

1) The rights of the wife are
A- Nafaqa- which covers the expenses of clothing, living place, and food
B- The right of intimacy – at least 1 every 4 months, or based on the need of the wife.
C- The right of sharing a bed at least one out of every 4 nights the husband has to share the bed with his wife.
D- Be treated fairly.

2) If the husband does not give nafaqa she can inform family members to counsel him, if that doesn’t work she can inform the Muslim jurist who would admonish him, if that doesn’t work, the jurist can carry out a divorce.

The above answer works for the 3rd and 4th question.