1) What if they say that Allah create the pigs, wine or shaytan through some sort of light, dimmed version of the light or shadow. Is it then ghuluw? like someone explained to me that all sin has some sort of good in it as little as it is. so he then told me that Allah swt created the nur of the ahlul bayt and everything else like shaytan the world etc was created from that light. is this ghuluw?

2) What one would argue is that in Satan there is some sort of good and so that was created from the light but the evil in him is a lack of light because evil is the lack of good

3) One could argue that shaytan at one point was good and that he had good in him, for example shaytan does know their is a God, zina would be a devoidance of a good act does that mean that the person that commits it has no good whatsoever in him.

4) Also we know from this sahih hadith in al kafi https://thaqalayn.net/hadith/1/3/14/4 we see that Allah’s will is one Wasilla and so if nuru muhammad was used to create things than everything created needs to be created from the wasila

5) This is what the argument would be for someone that believes this

1) Satan was not created from the light of the family of Muhammad, as well as evils, for the narration says: O Jabir, the first thing God created was the light of your Prophet, then He created from it all good.
Note: all good.

2) It is not possible that there is good in something that is hated by God Almighty. Zina, which the Qur’an expresses as indecency, can there be good in it? Our problem with the ignorant who interpret according to their whims.

3) No, not necessarily, and if it were, there would be no sense in repentance and forgiveness

4) God Almighty created all good, and did not create evil, for evil is the absence of good.
The point of the matter is that the Glory, glory be to Him, necessitated His will that the creatures of the jinn and mankind have the choice, so that reward and punishment may be valid, and that people may vary in degrees.
From this standpoint, evil is the opposite of good.

5) Very strange argument.
Does the darkness attributes that light does not exist?