1) What is Allah's attributes, and what does that mean?
2) I know we Can NEVER see Allah but what is the Tafsir for, How they will be looking at their lord.
3) Is Allah's name always perminate? was He known as Creator or other before he Created?
4)Will Allah Create even after Day of judgement?
5) If there are Videos and English Books/Websites about Tawhid?
6) 6) Is Irfan and philosophy from the teaching of Ahlulbayt?

1- Allah’s attributes are descriptions of His essence. For instance, Allah is powerful and knowledgeable. These two attributes describe his essence. There are also attributes that negate things from him. For instance, Allah does not have a partner or a body. This attribute negates these limitations from him.

2- It means looking at the mercy of the Lord—a beautiful and unique mercy.

3- Allah was always knowledgeable and powerful, but He didn’t always create. There was a point when there was nothing but Him—then He created.

4- We have hadiths that state Allah will create a “genderless” creation on a “renewed” earth after the Day of Judgment.

5- https://youtu.be/mFaIugkXnBg


6- Some if it is and some of it isn’t. Many scholars state that the one based on Ibn Arabi and such is not based on the true teachings of Ahlulbayt (a).