1) What is the definition of ‘home’ for example when I visit my parents house (that is beyond 28miles) would I pray Qasr? Or can I consider my parents house also ‘home’?

2) In addition the local Imambargah I attend is also 28 miles away however I attend regularly. Would I pray Qasr here too?

3) Further to this can I consider my grandma’s house as another ‘home’ I visit frequently over the weekend. I would say at least once a month? Would my niyyat of considering this a second home be valid?

1) If you still consider your parents house as your house you pray full. If you don’t consider yourself living there in the future then it’s not yours and you have to break the fast.

2) If you go to the Imambargah regularly you pray full.

3) If you truly consider it a home that you sleep/live in yes