1) When I fast on the month of Ramadan or any other time I get a very bad headache and I vomit so I wanted to know when during Ramadan if I get a headache, can I break my fast and make the one fast another time after ramadan?

2. And also if I break my fast because of headache during ramadan do I make one fast and also pay fidya or no?

3. If I get headache and wanted to break my fast can I break my fast anytime during that day or I cannot break my fast after zuhur prayer time?

You can break your fast if the pain or difficulty from it is unbearable, or if there is the potential for harm. You can do this at any time when it becomes unbearable. In such a case, you would just make up the fast after the month of Ramadhan. If you do not make it up before the next month of Ramadhan, then you must pay kaffarah based on obligatory precaution.