1) When one does a recommended ghusul for eg ghusul for Eid, laylatul qadr etc, does one still do wudhu for prayer?

2) Will the following ghusul cover wudhu:
Ghusul Janabah
Ghusul Haydh
Ghusul laylatul qadr
Ghusul Eid.
Is this correct? So other type of ghusul like after touching a dead body is excluded?

3) Can one take a total bath (for no reason), and make it as intention as a ghusul, and dont have to do wudhu for prayers?

1) Some established recommended Ghusls cover wudhu yes, like Eid and Laylatul Qadr but not all.

2) Wajib ghusl covers wudhu
So ghusl mayyit covers wudhu

3) No