1. When wiping the head one is required to reach the root hair if he were to comb it it will fall on his face. My hair reaches just above eyebrows would I be required to wipe on my root hairs?

2. Also when the time to wipe comes can I use my left hand to pull my hair one direction then wipe? (this will allow me to see my roots hairs)

3. When I was my face a bit of my hair gets wet and when I wipe my head I end up wiping the wet part as well is this ok and if not can I wipe on the side of my head (where the line is)

1- No. In your case, it is enough to wipe the hair on the first quarter of your head.
2- If this does not make the wiping area wet, then it is OK.
3- No. It is not OK. You need to either dry the wiping area before wiping, or not reach the wet area while wiping.