1) Working for food delivery where you do not know what food you are delivering haraam or halal
2) Shia brother calls you for majlis at home and you know there are not practising example no hijab, skips Salah
3) Shia brother calls you home and you know he drinks and gambles. Can we eat the meat or food (veg)?
4) Shia restaurant, should you trust him or investigate?
Does same condition apply for practising and non practising and open sinner shia
5) Sunni or other madhab restaurant, should you investigate?
6) When you are not sure about the kind of ismaili ( some believe in aga khan as god some not)?
7) What about Bohora?

1) A-If you do not know then there is no objection it but if you know that there is some or all are haram food in it then not allowed to deliver.

2) A- Do Amr bil Maroof and Nahi Anil Munkar which is wajib.Attend the majlis In’Sha’Allah it will help to guide them only do one thing do not sit in mix gathering.

3) A-If sitting with him is to help,assist or encourage in disobedience of Allah then not.

4) A-if it belong to a shia who is not disobeying Allah in public and he is not giving importance to Halal and haram then refrain to visit but we are not allowed to investigate about anyone.

5) A- if they are Muslim you don’t need to investigate.
6) A- Anyone who does not believe in necessity of religion like usool e deen and namaz, Roza and haj etc they are najis. There is not matter of good and bad matter of belief.

7) A-They believe in necessity of religion and they are practicing and they are Paak(pure).