1.I have recently started working but there is lot of things I need to compromise for working there like there is rule to groom yourslef (Clean Shave). I want to know that can I do that because they are not being agreeable to not do so?!

2. I have job shift from 1-11pm and in between my namaz is also getting delayed/qaza as there is no option to pray. Also there is not enough time left for me to return home & pray all my delayed salah within few mins left or sometimes There is no time left too.

3. Please guide how could I can calculate the Khums on my salary?!

1) It is not permissible to shave the beard based on obligatory precaution, thus you can follow the fatwa of the next most knowledgeable marj’a

2) This is definitely a difficult situation, however, you must find any way you can to pray on time if your employer is not giving you the chance to do so or you cannot find another job. Even if this means performing wudhu at work (in the restroom) and praying at your desk (for example) – then you can repeat it later if you could not perform it satisfactorily. Maghrib and Isha prayers can be prayed until fajr time of there is a really difficulty in doing them before the middle of the night. May Allah make it easy for you.

3) Khums will be 20% of any savings you have accrued at the end of the year from your salary.