2:183 to 2:187 in the holy Quran tells us about Siyam.
But what if God meant something else by those verses than what we have interpreted to be.

What if in 2:187 ”wakolo” meant consume and 'waoshrabo' meant absorb?
Meaning that Siyam is about reading 'consuming' the verses of the holy Quran and learn 'absorb'?

What makes us believe that those two words actually means ”eat” and ”drink”?

Two verses actually uses the words as 'consume' and 'absorb'
Verse: 2:188 and verse 2:95.
How do be justify what means what?

When examining the verses of the Qur’an, we must examine the teachings of the Prophet (s) and his family. The hadiths are clear that what is meant in 2:187 is eating and drinking, and the reason for revelation also clarifies that.

Secondly, the verse says you can eat and drink until Fajr (dawn). It would not make sense to day eat and drink here means absorbing the Qur’an. What does it mean to absorb the Qur’an at night until Fajr?

When it comes to the Qur’an, we cannot insert our own opinion. We must always refer to the Prophet and his family, for Allah revealed the Qur’an’s meanings and depths to them.