A dear friend recently approached me and asked regarding why the shia sect recites the shortened darood in the namaz and in general, and not the full ibrahim darood.
I've never really thought about this before, so approached you here.
Also a mini question:
what stones( for the ring) are recommended and which specific did the imams and the prophet(saw) wear? Also give details regarding which hand and fingers are more recommended to wear the rings on.

The recommended durood is the durood we recite in tashahud there is not issue of short and long and Rasul saw and Aummah they advised this one in salat
Aqeeq,firoza,Durre najaf and Hadeed are recommended
Mustahab in right hand in some riwayat one can wear in left if some one has no place in last two fingers of tight hand woman can wear in middle one also