A friend of mine have asked and wish to let you know,
1.What Islam tells about homosexuality
2. Is heterosexual the only natural way, Is Homosexual, Asexual, Pansexual, etc. Is also natural? Because as we know there is also people who have this type of sexuality
3. How to help those people who are not attracted in the different gender in others words how to help those people who have different sexuality
4.Does Allah accept then who are born in that way
5. And why does other people born that way?

1- Islam considers homosexuality to be a sin. Living this way is sinful. Now it’s not a sin to have homosexual desires, but acting upon those desires and practicing homosexuality with a partner is haram.

2- Yes, only being heterosexual is accepted in Islam and considered natural. Everything else is unnatural. This could happen to some people, but they should not act upon it. They should try to treat it.

3- We can help them by giving them emotional and psychological support. We explain to them this is a test by Allah. It’s a trial and they should be patient, and Allah will infinitely reward them. We encourage them to invest in other relationships to get their emotional needs fulfilled. For example, if a man feels homosexual desires and wants to be with another man, we tell this person to resist this desire, spend more time with family and friends, and this way he will get more support. Also, such people can seek therapy, sometimes it helps.

4- Some people have such desires because it’s their test in life. Aren’t some people born with disabilities or diseases? It’s all a trial