A little bit of background: I come from a family that isn’t very religious. The majority of my family are Shia but not all of them are practising and I am the only one out of my extended family to wear a hijab, I've only became practicing recently(past few years so I hadnt really noticed this before) My sibling left Islam roughly (removed) years ago and dislikes a lot of things that have to do with Islam, how should my relationship with (removed) and other members of my family be who don't follow Islam? Does it need to stay the same, do I distance myself? How do I go about it?

The relationship has to remain the same except that you will not follow or participate with them in going against the teachings of Allah. Respect them as your family members and try discussing Islam with them from time to time if possible. Maintain good Akhlaq with them Unless if they abuse Islam and it’s teaching. Continue to pray for Allah to guide and soften their hearts