A person when steps into Shia Islam he is (most likely) takes guidence by the videos of you people only. You have so much knowledge yet you are not an Ayatollah. Isn’t being an Ayatollah is greater than just being a scholar? And since you are much more popular (in terms of giving guidence) why did you not decide to be an ayatollah? I mean you surely could have if you wanted. Is it because Becoming an Ayatollah attaches a stereotype with it? And would you advise a person in youth (like me) looking forward to be an ayatollah to be just a scholar

An Ayatollah is a Mujtahid who is an expert in extracting laws from Qur’an and Hadith—meaning he is qualified to issue a legal fatwa. This requires many years of high level studies. Many scholars don’t reach this level.
Now some scholars do reach this level, but they still don’t call themselves Ayatollah. Why? One reason is out if humbleness. They don’t want to bring attention to themselves and boast about their status. Another reason is the responsibility that comes with the title of Ayatollah. People start taking religious rulings from them and they don’t want such big responsibility. So it’s usually these reasons and not because of the stereotypes attached to the label Ayatollah.