A question regarding najasah spreading through multiple intermediaries. Is it true that there's a condition that it must be dried after each intermediary (i.e there should be a new wetness each time for it to be counted as the 2nd mutanajjis and 3rd) or is this rule regarding intermediaries applicable regardless of it being wet or dry?

For example, in the case that someone touches a najis leather with wet hands due to rain, and then he touches the door handle few seconds later, can I count the leather as the (1st mutanajjis), the person's hand as the (2nd) and therefore the handle as the (3rd) and it won't make anything more najis the next time I touch it? Or will they all be counted as (1st) due to the same rain wetness and therefore the door handle will be najis when I touch it with a new wetness the next day for example?

According to Ayatollah Sistani, the fourth intermediary no longer becomes Najes. The Najasa stops at the third intermediary. The example he gives is the following:

1- Your right hand touches urine, so it becomes Najes

2- Your left hand touches your moist right hand, so it becomes Najes.

3- Your left hand which is moist touches your clothes, and so your clothes become Najes.

But now the clothes don’t have the capacity to transfer the Najasa to something else. So if your clothes are wet, and they touch the furniture, then furniture does not become Najes though the clothes themselves are Najes.

In your example:

1- Your moist hand touches Najes leather, so the hand becomes Najes. Your hand here is considered the first Motanajjes, not the second, because the leather is the Najes itself.

2- Then your moist hand touches the doorknob, so it becomes Najes. The doorknob is the second Motanajjes here.

3- Then let’s say your moist clothes touch the doorknob. Your clothes also become Najes. But the najasa stops there. Your clothes won’t make anything else Najes.