A woman died few months ago leaving her husband and four adult daughters. The woman earned money and purchased a house with her husband in his name. Another house was later bought in the name of the wife before her death. So now after the woman's death, the husband has 2 houses- one house owned by his late wife and another house owned by himself. After his wife's death, the husband married another woman and purchased a land for his new wife.
1. Please guide what will be the daughters share and the husband's share in the house owned by the first wife who has died?
2. What will be the daughters share in the father-owned house?
3. What will be the share of new wife in the father-owned house? If the new wife conceives a child, what will be the share of the new child in the father-owned house?
5. Can the daughters enter father-owned house or pick anything from there in his absence without his permission? Eg- the documents of house ownership, their mother's dahej (gifts which the mother brought when the mother got married)?

Salam Alaikom,

1- The husband’s share will be 1/4 of it, and the remaining 3/4 will be split equally among the 4 daughters. So the husband receives 25% and each daughter receives 18.75%.

2- If the father dies, his current wife receives 12.5% of everything he owns except the value of the land (so she inherits from the building value but not the land value). And the daughters receive 21.875% from their father.

3- If the father dies and he has a new child from his wife, and if the child is a girl, then the new wife will inherit 12.5% from the husband, and the 5 daughters will receive 17.5% each from the father. So the baby girl will receive as much as the older ones receive. If the baby is a boy, then each daughter will receive 14.5833% and the boy will receive 29.16667% of the share.

4- They should fight for their Haq. If fighting for their Haq leads them to be unsafe or be harmed, then they should not. But if they can then yes it’s their right. But remember that they will have a Haq if their father dies, not when he is alive.

5- Yes a daughter can enter her father’s house when she wants, but she cannot take any of his belongings without his permission. Now if the only way to secure her right to the house (if her father dies) is to get a copy of the house records or deed, then yes she can do that.