About a years ago, I went through a serious relationship getting to know a sister in the community but unfortunately things didn’t work out… I’m interested in a sister in the community … I’m not sure how to proceed with this.

On the other hand, I’m still asking myself, am I ready? And how do I know if this is really what I want? I’m somewhat struggling with this and for some reason it’s just getting more complicated in my head.

Here is what I recommend:

1- Reflect on what made your last relationship fall apart, and see if you anticipate similar challenges with this sister. Are the circumstances the same or different? This will give you some clarity.

2- If several months pass and you feel you are interested in marrying her, and you are ready to get married, then consider yourself ready. Sometimes we get excited about something or feel we are ready but we are being impacted by emotions more than logic. So you need some time to pass by to know it emotions are the greater influence. So if after a few months you still feel interested and ready then go for it.

3- As long as the sister has good qualities, she has a good character and she seems God-fearing, have Tawakkul on Allah and ask him to make it work for you. Don’t stress too much over it and don’t overthink it. Have Tawakkul and Allah will facilitate it for you Insha’Allah.