According to Quran, women is weaker than men in terms of brain and power. And women are soft and compassionate.
I have a question that what is the theory behind this hadees? Why Allah has created men superior than women? The two gender's were created two balance out each other but then why the role of a woman is less than a man. Is this the reason, that men are leading in the age and women despite being fighting and struggling for so long haven't given that level as of men.

Kindly give detailed explanation as this question has been always in my mind.

At our home, we girls were treated as a burden on them. And because we were taught from the beginning that we are not equal to men so our decisions were secondary to the boys in the family. And when we grew older, tolerance for us doing anything by my father reduced and now he said why invest in education
where he could not get return. He will be put in heaven only if he saves that money and spends it on our wedding.

Because I have seen that men automatically believes anything a man says and there is no really less value to our opinion our wishes
why is it that men are more superior ?

if that is the case then why do we have passion?
why do i have the will to achieve and inspire people.
i want to earn so that i dont have to ask money from anyone like till now i have asked my father.

Men and women are created equal in the sight of Allah but not the same in their roles. This does not make either of them inferior or to be looked down on. We have many narrations praising women and a group of women will be those supporting Imam Mahdi (aj). Unfortunately these negative stereotypes are cultural.