after my bleeding has stopped for about 12-15 days after a month of childbirth it has started again but not a much heavy flow. I see blood about few drops one day and another day it stops and again after one or two days i find the blood drops again . I don’t understand if I’m supposed to offer namaz in this case .. or is it haydh. If I see for that day I'm I supposed to stop namaz??
Can you please solve my query.

525. If a woman, with a fixed habit of Hayz sees blood continuously for a month or more after giving birth to a child, the blood seen for the days equal to her Hayz habit will be Nifas, and the blood seen after that for ten days will be Istihaza, even if it coincides with the dates of her monthly Hayz. For example, there is a woman whose fixed Hayz habit is from 20th to 27th of every month. She gives birth on the 10th of a given month, and she continues to see blood for a month or more; her Nifas will be seven days, equal to her Hayz days, and will be from 10th to 17th of that month; now, the blood which she continues to see from the 17th onwards for ten days will be Istihaza, even though it falls in her days of Hayz habit. After the lapse of 10 days, if bleeding continues, then it is Hayz if it falls in the days of habit, irrespective of whether it has the signs of Hayz or not. And if bleeding does not occur in the days of Hayz habit, she will wait till the days of her habit, even if it means waiting for a month or more and even if blood has the signs of Hayz. And if she has no fixed habit of commencement time of Hayz, she should make an effort to recognise her Hayz by its signs; and if that is not possible, because the blood seen after Nifas remains of one type for a month or more, then she will adopt the habit prevailing among her relatives to determine the days of Hayz. And, if that also is not possible, then she has an option of fixing her days of Hayz. These details have been dealt with in the discussions about Hayz