After reading what’s happening in the world I’ve become to have some questions about innocent people suffering especially babies that are being bombed and killed in pieces. I understand man has free will and Allah SWT says in the Holy Quran that He does no evil but man does evil but how come Allah SWT can’t intervene in the moment and stop those bombs from reaching innocent people?
I’ve begun to question this and Im not even sure if my questioning and doubting is considered a sin. I just feel very lost and I’m trying to have Iman in Allah swt

It’s perfectly normal to ask about these things, in fact this shows your genuine concern and love for humanity. Having said this though one must look at these events in totality and nog in abstract. If I ask hypothetically what line would you prefer a straight line of a curved line, most likely you would answer a straight line but I I tell you that this straight line you scows is going to be your eye brow, you would then say I want a curved line that’s because initially when I first asked you the question you were thinking in abstract!

When one looks at atrocities committed around the world one would also assume that we need to look at this in totality and not in abstract.

So from a global Islamic perspective there are a number of issues to take into consideration:

1. Allah is just and only wants justice for His creations.
2. Allah is more merciful than we can ever imagine and his mercy can’t be contained on the basis of our limited ability to understand His abundant mercy.
3. We don’t believe in a world that is one dimensional we believe there is life after death and whosoever has been killed unjustly will be vindicated in the life after.
4. God wants people to rise against injustice and not for him to intervene every time there is a crisis based on the notion that we are responsible for our actions and with every action comes consequences
5. Death in whatever form it comes is not the end it’s only the beginning of a new life
6. No act of injustice goes unaccounted for.

For further reading on this matter I advise you to read a book by shaheed Muttaharri called : “Divine Justice”