After trying to find a job for more than a year I got a job offer as a business analyst at a company which is a technology solution provider to lottery companies. It partners with lottery companies worldwide and takes part in retail, digital innovation, and licensed games. It also prints lottery tickets and creates sales technology solutions such as innovative in-lane sales solutions. Would working for such a company be Haram? My job description is below:
In this role, you will be responsible for working with many different internal and external teams to gather requirements and manage the effective planning and lifecycle management of digital solutions for the lottery industry. As a Business Analyst, you will maintain product backlog, create a product roadmap, direct the project team and assist in systems analysis. Product planning responsibilities include awareness and analysis of systems and operational needs and translates them to product requirements and roadmap, and ensure the team has the tools and the expertise to deliver the product.

I forwarded your question to Sayed Sistani and he says: It seems OK, but if you can get another job later, it would be better.