Agha how do I convince my non Muslim friend that we don't worship Qaaba by prostrating in front of it. He argued that he as Hindu don't worship the statue but he symbolises it as his god, in his heart its not worshiping the statue but the ultimate God just like we do prostration towards Qaaba.

Tawhid (Oneness of Allah) when we say we believe God is one it means even, we cannot imagine His Holy Being in our mind so the concept of God in Islam means that we believe He (Allah) has no body therefore if we do prostration it doesn’t mean in front of Him but why we do protection towards Holy Ka’ba just as He commanded us to do so otherwise before that Muslims were doing prostration towards Batul Maqdas (Jerusalem). Therefore when we do prostration we don’t imagine Holy Ka’ba too in mind but what Hindu people they do, they imagine one of their God or Goddess in form of idol while Islam totally condemn this act of worship. So there is a big difference between their worshiping and what we Muslims do.