agha One of Shia scholar is saying that Allha has created noor first which is his manifest self (noore zaati) that noor created Ahlulbayt and human and other creatures ..Role of that noor is to run the universe ,On day of qayma he will judge people.

he gave many example from Quran An hadiths..

he also said the throne which is in Aytul kudsi that noor is sitting there .
Quran is also talking in plural Form
He also said that when quran is saying ‘we’ quran is talking
about both ..

he is saying we can understand it only when we reas all religon book as they also speaking about spirit ,parmatma etc.

Please help agha. When I am reciting namaaz I am seeing that manifest self sitting on chair

This is reported in some of the Hadith. Thus, it is ok to visualize the noor in your mind and understand it as Allah’s divine guidance for us.

Allah created light and the Ahl al-Bayt are a part of that light