Agr yeh hisab se agr hum log calculate Kare to iska mtlb almost every one has to pay zakat On gold

Kyu ke 20 mitqal means 69.12 gms
Which is around 7 tola
Right? Which every individual is having now a days

Ji agar nisab 70 grams tak pahonch jata hai to Zakat dena parega.
Gold per zakat ke 2 nisab hain pahle eh ke agar gold 20 mithqal sharyee yaani 69 grams tak pahonch jaye To iska 1/40 zakat yaani 1.728 grams dena hoga
Aur Dosra eh ke agar nisab 24 mithqal ho jaye ya isee ziyada to ab Zakat 2.5% dena hoga magar agar 20-23 mithqal hota hai to wahi 1/40 hi zakat dena hogi.