As Ramadan approaches, I’m faced with a conflict:
Not too long ago, I became Shi’a, yet I live with a Sunni family, who aren’t very fond of Shi’ism so I’ve kept it a secret from them. The issue I’m facing is the difference in the time of the maghrib prayer and thus the time of Iftaar. With this difference I would have to break my fast some 20 minutes after the rest of my family and as you can understand that would cause suspicion. Ever since becoming Shi’a I’ve been faced with this dilemma.
Recently I’ve come across the opinion that maghrib is in-line with the Sunni time, which would make things much easier for me.
I have de facto followed Ayatollah Sistani’s rulings, mostly because they were easy for me to access in English, and he of course states that maghrib is observed after the disappearance of the redness in the sky as an obligatory precaution.
So my question is: what is the advisable thing to do? Would it be correct for me to break the fast with my Sunni family, or should I strive to observe the usual Shi’a timing? And are there any other matters to keep in mind?

If you have a creative way to delay breaking your fast for about 15 minutes (usually the redness disappears by this time and doesn’t take 20 minutes), then do so. That would be ideal. If that doesn’t work, then you may follow Ayatollah Hakim who states that you can break your fast right at sunset.