As SalaamAlaikum
I have a question on khums distribution.
1)–For example if i have $100 to distribute, 25% goes to my family syeds, 25% goes to non family syeds and 50% goes to Sahem e Imam that is to an organization, marja or Moulana
Is this correct.
2)— if i had taken out khums last year on my savings and have left some money in that account. This year nothing has been added to that account, do i still take out khums from that balance in account.

Khums is 20% of the saving and half goes to your marja or his representative or Masjid or centre who has the permission from marja to collect the khums . It will not go to every maulana only who has permission to collect.
Half goes to poor and practicing Syeds. If anybody from your relatives you give preference to them it is totally up to you how much of the share you are giving all based on amount and need.
2- if nothing added then khums will not applied .