As Salam wa alaikum, Request for clarification on something trivial, however has become something of a disagreement within my circle. 1. Were any of our Holy Imam (as) dark skinned/complexion ? If yes, 1.1. Please share Their (as) names as well. 1.2. Did They (as) face discrimination & how did They (as) address it? 2. Also, did our Imams (as) marry women of dark skin who were slaves previously ?

Salam Alaikom,
1- We have narrations that state Imam al-Jawad (a) was dark skinned. Some narrations indicate that Imam al-Redha (a) was also dark skinned.

2-Some historical accounts state that the enemies of Imam al-Redha (a) made racist remarks against him for being dark, and they would mock him. Sometimes they would even write a poem trying to disgrace the Imam for being dark. For instance, this is a racist line of poetry they said to the Imam:
وقالوا انه رب قدير *** فكم لصق السواد به لصوقا

3- Yes, a number of Imams married dark skinned women, some of whom were taken as slaves. This includes Imams al-Redha, Jawad, Hadi and Askari, peace be upon them.