As salamun alaikum question is little descriptive to explain the situation Once I told my husband that whatever you save monthly from that give me some amount for majlis, niyaz,nazar He started giving me small amount every month with the intention of doing majlis niyaz, nazar I use to use this amount whenever i used to do muharram majlis but due to living in kingdom and a small house it was not possible every time to do majlis so we started keeping that amount aside every month. This amount turned into a huge amount As we are indian we thought when we will go to india we will use this amount over ther occasionally for doing majlis and niyaz One day I thought of giving Rs 25000 to my mother in law as there 50th wedding anniversary gift frrom these amount because I thought at present we are not doing majlis and let these support them some or other way I informed my husband that i am giving 25000 rs to his parents from majlis account In short, if we save money with the intention of doing majlis,najar, niyaz can we use that money for other purpose Allah hafiz

Salam, you can borrow money from that amount and afterwards when you have the same amount, return it back.