As we all know that Allah s.w.t. is the most Rahman and Raheem. We are also aware of of him being the reckoner and best judge.
With this regard I always end up questioning myself, that if Allah s.w.t. is the most merciful of all, then on what scale will he punish a sinner.
Like for example. Someone has done bad to me and is unjust not once but continues to do so and instead of dealing with them I leave the matter in the hands of Allah s.w.t. and make him my witness to the sabr I have shown.
And then if this person who has wronged me, asks for forgiveness with a true intention, will Allah s.w.t. forgive him and will not take any action. As he is no doubt so merciful. Then if he does so, what about the justice I should be getting.

I sometimes feel what if my sabr will fall short in front of someone’s astaghfar. How does Allah s.w.t. deal with this kind of situation.
I actually tell myself that he is just not my Lord but also each one’s who has been created by him and he can show the same love back to anyone who approaches him with love.
Please help me understand the concept of how he judges against how he pardons.

Allah’s justice is universal and as such it takes into account every detail. Thus, even if He forgives someone, it doesn’t mean you will not get justice, it’s just that He will administer it how He sees appropriate. Maybe by forgiving the person who wronged you, He will also forgive some other sin of yours or expiate you for something else. He is just, and His justice is always done