As you are completely aware of my situation
I want to ask you a question
What would you do if you were in my place
My mother claims that if we ask the marajah what would they do, they would say no but for us they tell us what is the solution because they have deeper knowledge.
Please be honest and tell me what would you exactly do if you were in my place
I have lost all my patience and am very upset with everything that has been happening to me since I’m married
I was thinking if it is like once married you should compromise no matter what then Allah would never provide us with the option of divorce.
Allah never asks us women to be oppressed he has given us rights so we can be just to ourselves .
If I am not happy I will never be able to keep anyone else happy in my life and I'm scared slowly it will weaken my Imaan becauseI dont know for how long can I take this anymore
I hope I will get a suitable answer .

Islam emphasis a lot to have tolerance and sacrifice in one’s life and if anyone does so most sure his/her reward is great near Allah but the purpose behind all these must be intellectual and reasonable otherwise being oppressed silently by someone is not a good solution. We have many example in Islam where both men and woman had bad relationship or we can say woman was not good with her husband and husband was not behaving well with his wife but rewayat says that if in such situation anyone either man or woman they bear intolerance and continue their lives for the sake of Allah, most surely Allah will reward them just because Islam does not want to break a family relationship for few small worldly things. The concept of family in Islam is highly appreciated and that is why while Talaq is a final solution but Allah doesn’t like Talaq. But if the relation of husband and wife which is based on Good Akhlaq , understand , respect and faith in each other has lost its values then there is not option better than they get separation from each other. Particularly in your case as you said you live as a stranger in your house. If you would have support from your husband and the rest of your family members were rude with you, I would never advised you to think about divorce but if know that your situation will worse in near future and has no solution to solve it then it’s better to choose something which is appropriate for you. You have to have better life partner who can understand you and give you respect. Even as you said if it was the only case that you can’t continue your studies but rest of the issue in your family is going smoothly, I would never suggest you to be separated from your Husband. Your decision is more important that anyone else because none can understand your husband behavior other than you. So if you see any chance of change in your Husband try to speak with him in a very clear manner but I’m scared because you live for away from your parents and if they promise falsely and then start again same things then it would be more complicated for you to come out from such situation. Therefore it’s better for you first you join your own parents and focus on your baby and then give some options and conditions to your husband that you will only be ready to live with him if he gets his own life and brings you out from such suffocating environment.
As you asked what would I do if I was in same situation like you. I have no idea about your husband what I’ve listened it’s only one side story ( I’m not saying for God forsake you have said anything wrong to me) but I would say only if it’s related to me and my behaviour I would try to solve it by using both families in front of each other and clarify what they promised and how they behave now.
So please involve your parents and tell them what would you suggest for your own daughter to live in such suffocation or advise you to have better life where you can live with peace of mind.