As you are completely aware of my situation
I want to ask you a question
What would you do if you were in my place
My mother claims that if we ask the marajah what would they do they would say no but for us they tell us what is the solution because they have deeper knowledge.
Please be honest and tell me what would you exactly do if you were in my place
I have lost all my patience and am very upset with everything that has been happening to me since I’m married.
I was thinking if it is like once married you should compromise no matter what then Allah would never provide us with the option of divorce
Allah never asks us women to be oppressed he has given us rights so we can be just to ourselves .
If i am not happy i will never be able to keep anyone else happy in my life and I'm scared slowly it will weaken my imaan because I din't know for how long can I take this anymore
I hope I will get a suitable answer .

If all this is happening to you and you have just got married and you are facing all this broken promises and your man does not stand beside you this is not s marriage because it has lost its two major components as Allah has described marriage to
Be: love and mercy! I. Short I would say: run and don’t look back