Asak. Please elaborate and explain your answer.

in Islam all having rights, parents, wife, kids, neighbors etc,
for that plz check risala e huqooq of Imam sajad AS,
ur husband also have to concern any scholar to resolve this issue, he must to take care of you and kids as he are taking care of his mother,
if he is ignoring you and kids and thinking that he will be safe in akhrat then he is.on big mistake, akhrat is faraway even a person can't be able to manage one night after death in grave,
so inform him politely, that you and ur kids also respect mother but where we go if you ignore us, Allah Subhnatala is not happy if we heart any momin,
try not to harsh infront of your husband, give love and take love,
pray for your husband, do tawasul with ahlebait AS,
read hadees kisa daily for this problem, give sadqa for imam e Zaman atfs,