Asking a question on behalf of a friend. She had a temporary nikka (duratio of 18 months) done when she first met the boy. Unfortunately after 16 months, she does not want to marry him anymore and end everything. Does she just wait for 2 months and after the 2 months when the 18 months is over and the nikka period automatically expires, does not have to do anything else?

She has some clothes from the boy, some which she has worn and some she hasn't, does she need to return everything. What is the ruling on that? And about the dowry she had set, does she need to get any of it although it was only a temporary nikka?

In regards to the temporary marriage, she can either wait for the last 2 months after which the marriage is over or if the husband forgoes the last 2 months than the marriage is over. If they had a physical relationship then the woman has to observe iddah period however if no physical relations occurred, no iddah needs to be observed.

As for the gifts, if she gave gifts as well to him in exchange for the gifts he gave to her than she does not have to return them. Similarly if she is related to the husband such as first cousins then she does not have to return.

In instances other than the above, if the husband asks for the gifts then she has to return it back to him otherwise no.

When you ask about dowry are you referring to the one termed 'mahr'? If by dowry you mean mahr which is set at the time of nikah and given by the husband to the wife, your friend can get half of the dowry if no physical relationship took place