Assalaam alaikum, Moulana my question is i have a fear of namaz all the time but i am mostly missing my namaz and sometimes delay in prayig it untill the last moment. please advise why is it. whereas i always have the fear in my heart that as i am missing thr most important aspect of Salah, Allah (subhanahuwataala) will surely punish me with most horrendous happenings in my life and many problems are being surrounded in my life. how to solve this moulana. Also sometimes my job work and my housework, delays and tires me off which also is the reason at times for thr delay but i dont want that as an excuse and want to be very keen at performing my salah. please help me with that maulana.

Wa alaykum salam.Try to make your prayers at the earliest time possible so that you do not get tired and delay them. You can set alarm to remind you of the prayer times and also they have apps on the phones for this. Always keep your salat first and schedule your other things around the salat and not the opposite of trying to fit your salat into your schedule. I hope this will help you inshallah.