AsSalaam Alaikum,
Is it ok to complain /show frustation with ones spouse in terms of issues in married life.
What if wife out of frustation screams at her husband.
Is there a way to ask for forgiveness to Allah s.w.t and also to husband. Due to her complains, husband feels very bad and she is blamed to make him cry. How can she undo words she already said.

It is not permitted for any of them, they have to respect each other .
If it happened in the past ask for forgiveness inshallah Allah will forgive you and do not repeat in future.
The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'If a man has a wife who mistreats him, Allah does not accept her daily prayer, nor any other good deed she performs, even if she was to fast all her life, until and unless she relieves him and pleases him…and the husband will bear the same burden and punishment if he mistreats or oppresses his wife.’

رسولُ اللهِ