I have some questions regarding buloogh and responsibilities.

My maraja Sayed Sistani and he has said, regarding puberty for males, that it is shown in 4 ways: Completion of 15 years, ejaculation, pubic hair and hair on the face.

1) If one of the signs (ejaculation, pubic hair and hair on the face) before 15 years occurs, does that mean that someone is buloogh or is it at 15 years and over if one of the signs occur?

2) If someone, let’s say they are 18, 19 or 20, has ejaculated before 15 years of age but they have forgotten if it was at age 11, 12 or 13 should they count their qaza obligations (prayer and fast) from age 15 onwards?

3) If someone does not know they are buloogh and that fasts are obligatory on them do they have pay kaffarah alongside qaza fasts or just do the qaza fast? I have read a Q&A from Sayed Mohammad Al-Musawi on the website Al-Islam that you don’t have to pay kaffarah if you didn’t know, is this true?

4) Does someone that didn’t know they had to pay kaffarah if they delayed their qaza fasts to the next Ramadan have to pay kaffarah for the multiple years that they have delayed it?

M5) hen making up qaza fasts, that are being done out of ignorance of becoming buloogh and missing out on that year, does the person have to do the consecutive 30 days? Or can they do 1 day fasting and the next day not and then the day after fasting? I have read a Q&A on the website Islamqa that they do not need to be done consecutively, is this true?

1) Yes you become Baligh as soon as one is the signs show, even if it is before 15.

2) They have to count from the age signs of puberty showed. Not 15, but rather 11 or 12, the time they are sure they were baligh. They have to make up those prayers and fasting.

3) If you are not aware there is no kafara.
4) Yes if the fasting was missed intentionally and knowingly they have to pay kafara. The kafara can be paid whenever. Even many years later. The day that was missed must be made up too.

5) They can make up the fast whenever. It does not need to be done consecutively.