Assalmualikum Sheikh, My family are all XXXX, and i kept my faith secret " taqyah" but there is this marriage issue i have, i kept refusing marrying sunnis and i want to marry a shia. They obviously will never approve of me marrying a shia, and i want my kids to be shias too. I'm a girl, But in this case " a revert" do i need the permission of my mother and father to marry a shia? and if yes, then they wont allow me marrying a shia and if not, who will be my wali in marriage? *My whole family are shia haters by the way*

Salam alykum sorry for late reply
1) do tawasul with Hazrat Zehra SA for marriage
2) in ur case if you find good shia man for marriage then you don't need permission from ur parents
3) you have to be strict regarding ur upcoming life if you for weaker and more inclined to ur family then might ur kids and life will be difficult as you told that they hate shias
if you have difficulties to find a good option for marriage then let me know where you live might we can do anything for you
if you don't want to share ur info here then I will give u personal email address